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Model: M-1325K

Standard Feature:

Working size: X-1300mm, Y-2500mm, Z-250mm.

Drive X and Y: Miko helical rack and pinion (Taiwan not Chinese) helical gears not spurgears for extra strength and speed. Industrial 26mm x 28mm PMI linear guide rails (Taiwan not Chinese)

Drive Z: Ball screw, 26 x 28mm PMI Linear Guide ways.

Drive type: Micro-Step Stepper Motor

Spindle: 3.0KW high speed inverter driven spindle, more power at lower speeds, quieter And longer lasting (Air cooled to suit Australian standards) 6KW HSD optional.

Resolution: 0.025mm

Try system interface: DSP handle (read USB memory directly), NC Studio and Mach 3.

Automatic tool height sensor.

Semi automatic lubrication system for Guide ways.

Powerful 415V 5.5kw vacuum pump and vacuum bed, 6 zones (solenoid activated from cabinet via buttons).

Dust extractor.

Z axis automatic break preventing spindle drop on power disruption or Estop.

Command code: HPGL, G-code

Spindle tools: